Disaster Recovery Plan

Why It's A Good Idea

4A's Benefits provides a Disaster Planning Program through Travelers Risk Management and John Buttine Insurance.  Through the wake of events across the world, disaster planning has become a priority for all companies.

The development of your agency's disaster recovery program, with guidance from Travelers Risk Management and John Buttine Insurance, is available to you only if you have purchased business owners insurance through the 4A's Benefits program.

The purpose of the program is to provide the agency with a vehicle to:

  • Provide for the safety of employees 
  • Ensure the survival of the organization 
  • Protect the corporate assets 
  • Minimize the loss of customers 
  • Facilitate the resumption of operations

The working documents available through Travelers and John Buttine Insurance include:

  • Checklists to assist with emergency and recovery plans 
  • Function charts showing the responsibilities of disaster recovery teams 
  • Description of vital information 
  • Worksheets for development of a recovery plan

More Information

For more information and assistance with your own Disaster Recovery efforts, please download the Strategy Guide and Sample Disaster Plan below: