Production Wrap-Up Program

Please click the link below to view a webinar on the Production Wrap-Up program

Flying trapeze without a safety net?  That’s what you may be doing when you purchase Production Insurance through the production company.  Relying on them to provide the insurance coverage may be easy, but is it the best way?

Hold on -- not so fast!  What if the Director of the production shoot shows up with pink eye and tells everyone that the shoot is shutting down until he’s not contagious anymore?  Who pays for the cost overrun if the production company’s coverage doesn’t?  Maybe your client -- maybe your agency?  That’s a hard fall when thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars are at stake.  This is just one example of the crazy things that can happen on a production shoot that you wouldn’t think of or ask about.  Where’s that safety net now?

4A’s has developed a safety net for you in the Production Wrap-Up Program through DeWitt Stern which offers broader coverage at a 30-40% lower price than production companies are charging you now.  How is it possible to bring you the same Production Wrap-Up program that the big guys in the industry enjoy?  Through aggregating the productions into one 4A’s contract.

How does it work?

         • Ask the production company to bid without insurance (no harm, no foul)

         • You declare the project to the insurance desk at DeWitt (email, baby)

         • Tell DeWitt if there are additional risks (planes, trains, automobiles, fireworks@#!)

         • Be the hero to your clients and pass along the savings

Need to check the safety net before you fly?  Always a good idea!  Check out the brochure below and set up a time with Jack Buttine and the DeWitt team for a full run through of the benefits.  Easy peasy!

Jack Buttine: Happy landings!