Reaching Goals in a Difficult Market

After the volatility of the last 10 years, investing your savings can be scary and sometimes nerve-racking.  But as abnormal as the past decade has felt, these up and down cycles are quite normal.  History has proven that leaving your investments in the market through these peaks and valleys is a smarter strategy than chasing returns (effectively buying late and selling late) or pulling your savings out altogether.

Created over 30 years ago, the 401(k) plan now dominates our financial markets.  Its enormous growth, now well into the trillions, is proof that even during times of uncertainty, the majority of investors would rather continue put money into the market than pull it out.

Plans and Providers

At 4A's Benefits, we believe that the 401(k) plan is the most important vehicle in steering you into a successful retirement.  We also believe that a plan provider should offer a simple turnkey product, a transparent and low fee structure, investment assistance and education, the best client support, and of course top flight fund choices.

Be careful when picking a plan provider.  Choosing a provider because they have a big brand name will get you... well... a big brand name.   You will also get an automated help line and be asked to enter your social security number several times (and then again, if you ever get to a human).  And let's not forget those inflated fees hidden within all of that paperwork.

After you have perused our site to learn how we can help you retire on the beach or golf course, give us a call.  We promise you will talk to a human — and we will surprise you with how we can do so much, without being a big brand name.