Dental and Vision

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is usually a benefit that goes with Health Insurance – like peanut butter and jelly. But while many think of it as a junior partner in the PBJ marriage, offering Dental insurance with a rich plan design and through a National carrier is important to employees who expect the best benefits in our industry.

The 4A’s Group Insurance Trust began offering Dental insurance through our Life/Disability partner, MetLife at the beginning of 2017. The plan array offers a wide range of plan designs that include orthodontics at an amount equal to the plan max, coverage for dental implants, and incentive PPO plans where State law allows. Of course, we have passive PPOs in States with plan design restrictions.

The bidding process is quick and easy – just email us zip codes for each eligible employee, and we’ll do the rest. End result? You get a rich plan with a strong National network and one of the largest brands in the dental industry -- MetLife. Plus, the 4A’s program includes group pricing – and a 2-year rate guarantee for 4A’s members. We think that makes a pretty tasty sandwich.

Vision Insurance

If Health and Dental are the PBJ sandwich, then the Vision insurance is the milk. Who doesn’t drink milk with their PBJ? Just like dental insurance, employees in our industry expect the best of the best in insurance coverage for their vision.

You can get your PBJ with milk at 4A’ Benefits through our MetLife partnership in the 4A’s Group Insurance Trust – all packaged with 4A’s member discounted pricing. And you get the strength of the MetLife National Vision network on your choice of rich plan designs with a 2-year rate guarantee. Are you seeing clearly now?

To obtain pricing on Dental and/or Vision products – email home zip codes on all eligible employees along with your current plan design and pricing to: