PEO Solution

Propel PEO

White collar groups like ours are caught in the upward spiral of Group Health Insurance cost escalation called the Community-Rated Marketplace.  

In groups under 50 eligible lives in all States except NY & CA (yes, we know -- they are always different-- and in this case, 100 eligible lives in NY and CA instead of 50) all groups are rated together in a ‘pool’.  You have no choice, and you can’t swim away UNLESS you join 4A’s new PEO solution.

While you’re toweling off, let us give you some exciting facts about the program.

4A’s has partnered with Propel HR, a Certified Professional Employment Organization, to bring 4A’s members access to Group Health Insurance through Blue Choice, a Blue Cross Blue Shield company.  Through Blue Choice, 4A’s members have access to the National BCBS medical provider network.  Propel HR holds one of three Master contracts with Blue Choice and has enjoyed low renewals for participating employers.

So, what else is included inside the Propel HR PEO besides Health Insurance?

  • Payroll Processing
  • Time & Labor Management
  • Human Resources Expert Consultation
  • Kronos HRIS (Human Resources Information System) Platform
  • Cobra/State Continuation Services

How does 4A’s fit into the picture?  We provide insurance and employee benefits to 4A’s members right in the Propel HR platform:

  • 4A’s Captive Workcomp Program – you don’t lose your coverage OR the dividend by joining the Propel PEO
  • 4A’s Group Insurance Trust - Coverage for Life/Disability, Dental/Vision for your employees
  • 4A’s Retirement Trust – Access to low-cost, high performing investments bundled with risk mitigation for the employer

Feel like you’ve been held underwater and left to drown by a PEO in the past?  Not to worry – 4A’s has a true partnership with Propel HR – we’re both here for you to make it the best experience ever!

After freeing yourself from the strings of community rating you dragged out of the pool with you, check out the brochures below.  When your cell phone dries out, just contact Elyse Congdon at or 704-594-6277 – she’ll hook you up with Propel for a custom quote.