About The Eagle HealthPlans Solution

  • Eagle's level-funded quotes are designed to provide the same level of protection as fully insured coverage
  • Employers pay a single monthly bill and all the employer's claims liability is covered
  • Eagle's APO product frees your employees from network restrictions and out-of network penalties
  • Different from an HMO or an EPO, Eagle provides a single set of benefits that apply to all providers (no out of network penalty)
  • Eagle has access to multiple reinsurance carriers to provide competitive cost
  • Eagle creates real competition among carriers by working with multiple reinsurers
  • Employees enjoy the same platform year over year while the reinsurer changes in the background - less disruption for employees
  • Plans are compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  • Transparent claims reporting - actual aggregate claims paid vs. estimated
  • Allows employers to earn money back in favorable claims years
  • Initial pricing based on individual company's health profile - without subsidizing unhealthy groups which happens in marketplace solutions
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