About The Eagle HealthPlans Solution

    Eagle HealthPlans For 4A's Members
    For many years, 4A's Benefits had been exploring health insurance options and seeking a solution which would reach national membership locations while offering a possible savings from the standard marketplace offerings, and we found that solution within the Coca Cola Bottlers' Association Captive insurance program, where we enjoyed a 6 year relationship.

    The former President of the Coca-Cola Bottlers' Association, Tom Haynes, expanded the model he had successfully originated at the Coke Bottlers, and along with an executive from National General Insurance, opened Eagle HealthPlans.

    Eagle takes the best of the CCBA model and expands it to assist small and mid-size 4A's employers with young, healthy groups gain control of their benefit costs. This unique approach to medical insurance in the volatile marketplace is an alternative to fully insured plans and community rating which have restricted employers' choices in recent years.

    Note: Although 4A's Benefits is introducing members to Eagle HealthPlans, we are not providing broker services to members.

  • Eagle's level-funded quotes are designed to provide the same level of protection as fully insured coverage
  • Employers pay a single monthly bill and all the employer's claims liability is covered
  • Eagle's APO product frees your employees from network restrictions and out-of network penalties
  • Different from an HMO or an EPO, Eagle provides a single set of benefits that apply to all providers (no out of network penalty)
  • Eagle has access to multiple reinsurance carriers to provide competitive cost
  • Eagle creates real competition among carriers by working with multiple reinsurers
  • Employees enjoy the same platform year over year while the reinsurer changes in the background - less disruption for employees
  • Plans are compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
  • Transparent claims reporting - actual aggregate claims paid vs. estimated
  • Allows employers to earn money back in favorable claims years
  • Initial pricing based on individual company's health profile - without subsidizing unhealthy groups which happens in marketplace solutions
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