Why 4A's Benefits

The best service and the most experienced staff

Running a successful advertising agency not only requires the best product, but the best client service as well — and at 4A's Benefits we live and breathe that mantra.  As you are setting up your retirement plan with us, you will work directly with a senior executive of our company who has more than 20 years of experience in creating plans — and that same person will always be point person for plan administration.

Once your plan is active, participants can call any of our seasoned account executives for any retirement plan questions.  We take the idea of personalized service very, very seriously.

Insight. Value. ServiceThe true-cost factor and full transparency

The 4A's Retirement Fund was designed with low cost and total transparency as primary objectives.  We have always charged only one fee to the employer/employee — an asset fee.  And this fee amount is disclosed before your plan is up and running.  No hidden fees here!

Do you want to make your current plan provider squirm?  Mention 12b-1 fees.  We don't charge them, but we will bet the farm that they do.  While you are at it, ask about "wrap fees".

No inflated "small plan" mutual fund expenses

Regardless of size, your plan will be pooled together with the hundreds of millions of dollars of our other plan assets.  What does that mean to you?  The lowest fund expenses available, that's what.  Did you know a 30 basis point difference in expense ratio can mean over a $100,000 difference in your account balance at retirement - assuming a 6% return over 30 years?

Our fund portfolio

We have an arsenal of funds which have been included in our plan because they are top performers in their categories.  There are ten fund families represented across twelve investment asset classes — that's diversification!  And remember, you get top flight funds with the lowest expenses available.


Though there are times when only a human voice will do, in many cases going online is a more convenient alternative.  Our cutting edge system allows access to everything from plan administration, to recordkeeping, to asset investment, to retirement income projections.  Whether you are an administrator or a participant, our system makes the data available and easy to access.