Free Retirement Advice


It's Like Having Your Very Own Retirement Expert

Retirement planning can be complicated and confusing, which is why retirement planning professionals must study for many years to become proficient. Now while we all would love to have a Retirement Planner at our disposal, for many of us that is not an option at this point in our lives.

Enter Mastery POINT’s AdvicePlus!

The AdvicePlus Strategy Builder is a FREE and comprehensive retirement planning tool designed to develop a personal savings and retirement strategy based on information specific to YOU.

The tool will first will ask particular questions about you (and your spouse, if married) including current income, retirement balances, and investments outside of retirement accounts. It will also ask for your desired retirement age and retirement income (as a % of current income), and anticipated salary growth and savings amounts.

All of this data combined with your risk tolerance and out pops an Action Plan. This Action Plan tells you if you are likely to meet your goals and suggests what steps you should consider if you are not. This is not a simple calculator, but a real interactive tool.

Now this may sound like a lot of work, but it is actually very easy and will take you less than 10 minutes to do. And the results can be eye opening, and maybe even shocking. One thing you can bet on is after reviewing the Action Plan, you will either be adjusting parameters of your retirement planning, or you will be patting yourself on the back for being so great at saving for retirement. Either way, you will learn something.

Other Benefits on the AdvicePlus Site

AdvicePlus also houses a wealth of educational information. If it isn't available on the 4A's Benefits website, you will find it on the AdvicePlus website. From planning for retirement, to savings and investment education and strategy, it's all here.

Want to calculate retirement savings? Check. What to calculate a credit card payoff? Done. Want to calculate what your new mortgage or loan would be? Got it. There are twenty five calculators on the AdvicePlus website. All easy to use and understand.

How do I access AdvicePlus

Simple. First log into your 4A's Benefits Member Retirement Savings Account and then go to Tools – Advice/Education. Once you click on that link you will be prompted to be redirected from the 4A's Benefits retirement savings site to the AdvicePlus site. And because you already logged into your retirement account, the AdvicePlus site will have your 4A's Benefits retirement amounts pre-filled on its site.

From there take some time to explore and learn about how you can best succeed in planning for your retirement.