Webinar Registration – Risk Mitigation through 4A’s Production Wrap-Up Program, April 30th, 2021

Considering the recent disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 4A’s Benefits is hosting a webinar on Friday, April 30th at 10 am Eastern time to highlight risk mitigation through the 4A’s Production Wrap-Up Insurance Program in conjunction with our partner, DeWitt Stern.

As one of the premier Entertainment Insurance brokers in the country (and the architects of 4A’s Production Wrap-Up Program), DeWitt Stern has unparalleled expertise with the one of the largest number of wrap-up specialists in the country.   The program also offers some of the broadest TV production wrap-up coverage available in the U.S. for advertising agencies and advertisers, replacing the insurance that production companies (both 3rd party and in-house) provide.

The webinar will explain how the program’s cost-effective and broad coverage provides extended protection to mitigate uncovered claims and large unforeseen out of pocket expenses, as well as how the easy/streamlined process works from the agency side.  

Attendees will learn more about mitigating agency and client risk through:

·       Cost Reduction – On average, the program can generate between 30%-40% in savings over those charged by production companies.

·       Broader Coverage – The program provides best-in-class coverage including cast, adverse weather, travel delay and broad form extra expense -- coverages not generally carried by production companies.

·       Continuity of Coverage (Principal through Post) – The program provides consistent and continuous coverage through the entire production process reducing the likelihood of uncovered claims.

·       Higher Limits– Limits are generally much higher than those carried by any production company.

·       Few to No Deductibles – The majority of the coverages provided in this program have no deductibles (first dollar coverage), unlike policies carried by production companies.

In addition, the program offers these significant features:

·       Better Claims Control – Claims are promptly handled and managed by a dedicated team of in-house experts at DeWitt Stern.

·       Focused Expertise & Streamlined Process – To easily declare a job and obtain the coverage.

Please register using the link below:

Friday, April 30th at 10 am Eastern Time:


If you are unable to attend the session, please reach out to Paul Corkery at 4A’s Benefits -pcorkery@4asbenefits.com, and request the recorded session which will be made available after the live webinar concludes.

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